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Bank holidays and Child Benefit payments

Your Child Benefit payments are made every week or every four weeks, on a Monday or Tuesday. If your usual payment day falls on a bank holiday, you'll get your payment earlier than normal. But your payment won't be early if the holiday is only in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Bank holiday payment dates up to 2012

From time to time, your normal payment day may fall on the same day as a bank holiday.

If the bank holiday is in England and Wales, you'll get your payment earlier than normal - wherever you live in the UK. The UK is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If the bank holiday is only in Scotland or Northern Ireland, your payment won’t be early. Examples are St Andrew's Day in Scotland, and the Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne in Northern Ireland. An exception is 3 January 2012, which is a bank holiday in Scotland. Payments due on this date will be made early - on 30 December 2011.

The table below tells you which payments will be made early, and when you should get paid - wherever you live in the UK.

Month  Payment due date Date payment will be made
December 26 Dec 2011 (bank holiday) 22 Dec 2011
27 Dec 2011 (bank holiday) 23 Dec 2011
 January 2 Jan 2012 (bank holiday) 29 Dec 2011
3 Jan 2012 (bank holiday) 30 Dec 2011
April 9 Apr 2012 (Easter Monday) 5 Apr 2012
May 7 May 2012 (early May bank holiday) 4 May 2012
June 4 June 2012 (spring bank holiday) 31 May 2012
  5 Jun 2012 (Queen's Diamond Jubilee) 1 Jun 2012
August 27 Aug 2012 (summer bank holiday) 24 Aug 2012
December 24 Dec 2012 21 Dec 2012
  25 Dec 2012 (Christmas Day) 24 Dec 2012

You haven't received your payment

If you haven't been paid you should double check your bank account. Sometimes electronic banking systems aren't completely up to date. It's possible that your payment is in your account, but not showing on your statement just yet.

If it's definitely not in your account you should contact the Child Benefit Helpline.

Provided by HM Revenue and Customs

  • Source Direct Gov
  • Last Updated: 06 Jan 2012